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Welcome to Arogya Health Care, the finest Physiotherapy Clinic for all kinds of Physiotherapy services in Dehradun. Slimming and Weight Loss is also a part of our program which we conduct at our clinicOur Physiotherapy Center is known for our experienced Physiotherapy doctors who provides quality service to all our patients because we consider humanity on top of everything. Furthermore, our Physiotherapist in Dehradun serve each and every individual with emotional support during their healing process, as a result, we not only treat them but also build a strong bonding with them. Our Services Includes:
  • Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy services at home, Physiotherapy for children and Laser Physiotherapy
  • Slimming and Weight Loss Program like Belly Fat Loss, Diet and Nutrition Advice
  • Pathology
  • ECG & Nebulizer
  • Pharmacy and Vaccination
We not only provide a complete range of Physiotherapy, Slimming and Weight Loss programs but also Consultation and Treatment for the individuals suffering from Pain due to injuries, Musculoskeletal disorders, Overweight conditions, etc. Furthermore, We are also greatly involved in functional rehabilitation. Most noteworthy thing is that due to our rich experience in the field of physiotherapy, we consider each case seriously and with utmost care. Hence, our physiotherapist is well equipped while treating patients suffering from musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory and neurological conditions and most of all are post-operative patients, victims of traumatic injury and very young children with development disorders. Therefore in addition to physiotherapy, rehabilitation is also another essential and much as part of recovery process which we provide to our patient. Finally, in addition, the technology and treatment techniques used at our clinic are safe and effective. We offer packages for the above-mentioned services and charges are quite less and affordable in Dehradun. To book appointment kindly contact us and we would be glad to serve you.

About our Physiotherapist in Dehradun

Dr. Sapna Diwaker (MPT - Ortho, MIAP)
Specialty: Physiotherapist in Dehradun

Dr. Sapna is not only experienced but also one of the finest Physiotherapist in Dehradun and has extensive years of rich experience in physiotherapy and weight loss. She started her career in 2006 with Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital as a Demonstrator. Furthermore, She worked as a physiotherapist in Dehradun with ONGC Hospital, Perpignan (France), Shri Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Hospital (Rishikesh), Apollo Clinic (Bangalore), NIMHANS (Bangalore), Wockhardt Hospital (Bangalore) and at Shri Guru Nanak Dev Hospital (Dehradun).

Her roles and responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with patients with joint and spinal problems especially post surgery
  • Developing and Reviewing treatment programs
  • Assisting patients in rehabilitation due to accidents, injury and strokes
  • Writing patient’s case notes, reports and statistics
  • Educating and advising patients about how to prevent and improve conditions
  • Keeping up to date with advance technologies for treating patients
  • Coordinating with other health care personnel on information regarding progress of patients, in addition, referring patients who require other specific medical attention

Her Aspiration:
“I want to contribute in the field of Physiotherapy and want to be the best Physiotherapist in Dehradun since it will provide me an opportunity to serve the mankind “ – Dr. Sapna


Dr.Sapna-Physiotherapist in Dehradun

Dr.Sapna-Physiotherapist in Dehradun

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